Hello, my name is Cliff Johns. On May the 8th, I began knocking on doors for the upcoming special election in Oklahoma State House District 76.

On August the 8th, there will be a special election, out here in our home District. Oklahoma House District 76.

Cliff's STORY

House District 76 is a very special place to me.

I have lived in the district for 30 years. I grew up here. I went to school here. As a little boy, I played here.

Kicking off the campaign

It's still very early in the process. We only just filed, but have a long road ahead of us. We appreciate you for taking the time to consider our candidacy.


Between now and August the 8th, it is our goal to win your support on the merits of our ideas, the weight of our credentials, the depth of our knowledge on the issues, the scope of our commitment to founding principles, and doing so through the old work ethic, of earning our bread by the sweat of our brow.