Hello, my name is Cliff Johns. I am a Conservative Constitutionalist, and a lifelong Republican.

I am a 5th Generation Oklahoman, born in Tulsa. I have been a resident of Broken Arrow and House District 76 since the age of 7.  As a young man, I mowed yards throughout Broken Arrow and Tulsa.  Growing up, I spent a lot of quality time with family in Bristow, Muskogee, and Ketchum, OK.

As a young man, I traveled across the United States with my grandparents & the greatest generation, every summer. They taught me what America is all about.

I was raised in a family that values & respects freedom, liberty, patriotism, hard work, free enterprise, private property rights, and public education.  I am the proud grandson of Korean War Army Veteran, John Kirk of Muskogee [45th Infantry Division] & WWII Navy Sailor, the late Bill Johns of Bristow.

My mother, is a retired Union Public Schools teacher, Cindy Stroud. My mother is also a heck of a businesswoman. She now sells textbooks for Mrs. Shurley (i.e., Shurley English).

My father, the late Roger Johns, began his work career as the explosives man in the Colorado mines. Upon returning to Oklahoma, he worked as a painter & a sandblaster.

My paternal grandfather, the late Bill Johns, was a successful businessman in the Oil & Gas industry, He was also the President of the Bristow School Board.

My paternal grandmother, Virginia Johns, was a homemaker, a Bristow business owner, and a Realtor on Grand Lake.

My maternal grandfather, John Kirk, was a trucker, and a successful businessman, who turned a small business that began with only 1 big truck into a very successful business with several big trucks.

My maternal grandmother, Mary Kirk, was a homemaker & a beautician, who owned a beauty shop that was connected to the family home. She also took care of the bookkeeping responsibilities for the family business.

In my free time, I research the writings of America’s Founding Fathers. I am currently in the process of writing my first book. The focus will be on founding principles, with a special emphasis on a number of long-forgotten founding principles, which Donald Trump's candidacy brought into the spotlight: foreign policy, trade, manufacturing & the tariff, and the frugal federal government that was funded nearly exclusively by the duties collected from the tariff, that were paid for in specie (i.e., gold & silver coin).

I am a graduate of Union High School, a graduate of the University of Oklahoma, and a graduate of the University of Tulsa, College of Law.  For all of the Oklahoma State Cowboys out there who may be a little hesitant over the fact that I went to OU, my mama and sister are OSU grads!